The Founders

Alexander Nassapov, a competitive player with over 30 years of experience, who is still actively playing and coaching the Sofia Blues team. He’s played for the Bulgarian National Team and Germany’s Dortmund Wanderers.

Dimitar Nassapov, Alexander’s younger brother, has been a competitive player for over 20 years. He was part of the MLB European Academy in 2005 and 2007 and played for Germany’s Mainz Athletics and Dortmund Wanderers. He is still actively competing and coaching with the Sofia Blues team and is part of the Bulgarian National Team.

The Company

E7 was born in 2017 out of love for the game. Its founders, Alexander and Dimitar, decided to extend their competency to crafting handmade wood bats. At first the venture was not intended to be a business but rather a way to make baseball bats for the needs of their team, the Sofia Blues. They needed a comfortable, practical and durable bat that feels like a natural extension of your arm, when you’re out on the field. They focused on very few models, but they spent a great deal of time perfecting each one.

The name E7 is a legacy from their father, Emil Nassapov. He was one of the first people in Bulgaria to ever pick up a baseball bat and later contributed greatly to the popularization and adoption of the game in Bulgaria. In 1990 he founded the baseball team Sofia Blues, where both his sons are still playing today. He had the habit of marking or “branding” all of the team’s baseball gear. He used a flathead screwdriver to indent “E” (for Emil) and “7” (his team number) on each piece of gear.

Why Choose E7?

It’s simple – for us it’s not just a business. We know and love the game. We work passionately to create a bat that we love to play with. We have direct feedback from our team Sofia Blues, so every model gets thousands of hours of play, before it gets implemented.

We use the highest quality beech wood that we source from northern Bulgaria, which has great elasticity and durability. Before it’s finished, each playing bat gets “steel rubbed” in order to increase its density and to get the POP that we all love.

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